Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wanted: A Hero

We need a hero.  America needs one right now.  A super hero.  Someone to stand up to the threats of the world and to those coming from inside our nation and just say NO WAY!  It’s election year.  We’ve got a big problem; who to choose as leader of the free world.  The man in the White House right now really isn’t who many thought he was.  Some knew exactly who he was and still is.  Four years ago, people were looking for a hero; even cutely coined him “the Messiah”.  The media fell madly in love with him, and painted a picture of this handsome, well-spoken, well-educated man who being half black and half white would unite and heal our nation from its past.  This little-known newbie senator from Illinois was quickly propelled to rock star status.  The general public couldn’t get enough.  He seemed more popular than Elvis or the Beatles.  Women fainted and celebrities swooned.

The first red flag was finding out Obama's position on the Born Alive Act and voting against a ban for partial birth abortion.  His votes regarding these issues while an Illinois senator were actually "present", but it might as well have been against the ban.  For a man professing to know and follow Christ, it was disturbing that he would not want to protect tiny humans from these barbaric treatments.  Google the Born Alive Act and partial-birth abortion to learn more.

Some of the characters he has been associated with are questionable; former members of radical organizations with socialist and communist views.  Bill Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground.  Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s mentor and member of the Communist Party.  Marshall was friends with Obama’s grandfather Stanley Dunham.  The list goes on.  Even our attorney general was part of a radical group in the 1960’s.  Obama's words contain some of these radical ideas.  Do we understand what redistribution of wealth really means?  There is a video of Obama stating his belief in it.  Who has to pay their fair share? Think about the movie Dr. Zhivago.  Remember the scene where the doctor comes back from battle to find his family home being used to house multiple families because the new government determined he had too much and had to share everything his family had built and amassed from their hard work.  What kind of real work has Obama done?  Did he ever work at McDonald’s, Burger King or start up his own business?

And yes his upbringing in another country and attendance at a Muslim school and mosque bothers me. When he mentions anything Islamic he does so with perfect pronunciation and inflection. Missionaries I've heard who served in the Middle East for years don't have that. He once said he would stand with the Muslim world if political winds shifted in an ugly direction. Where does that leave America?  Where does that leave our longtime ally Israel?   Obama was the first president to bow to the Saudi king.  He snubs Israeli leaders quite frequently these days.  Just recently, he made time to appear on “The View” and joke about his being “eye candy” but no time to meet with Israel.

We had a terror attack on the US Embassy in Libya.  Well, the government wouldn’t admit that for a while. Susan Rice kept telling us it was a spontaneous attack.  Our president blamed a video and apologized to the Muslim world for it.  The administration may have been warned about it, but somehow it wasn’t taken seriously or didn’t make it onto the iPad.  There were other riots around the Middle East, and the apologies to those people have continued.  Hilary Clinton and Obama “strongly condemned” the violent acts that were happening.  Come to find out, taxpayer cash was spent on a television commercial in Pakistan condemning that stupid film.  Damn that free speech thing! You can read about that here:    Does Obama really believe he can just calm down the Middle East by continually apologizing to them? He thinks he’s the “Middle East Whisperer” or something. What message is sent when he bows submissively to their leaders?  Look, our embassies were attacked.  Our people were murdered.  They still won’t tell us what really happened in Libya. A strong leader of the free world should be outraged at THEM, not apologizing for some lame video that may or may not have set them off.  In the civilized world, a video is not an excuse to murder.  But hey, the reelection stuff is kind of more important to him than dealing with the chaos like a strong leader would.  He couldn’t miss his campaign stop in Vegas or that big party fundraiser with Beyonce now could he?  A real leader would have put all that on hold and dealt with holding the governments of those nations accountable for the murders and attacks.  The US sends billions of dollars over to the Middle East each year.  Why?  Why do we think that they will like us if we give them money?  Obama wants to give Egypt $450 million MORE in aid.  After they let our embassy be attacked.  Sure, throw more of our money at the problem.  That’ll do the trick.

We need a hero to stand up and be proud of the United States.  We need someone who will confidently stand up to third world leaders and the United Nations and not allow them to come into our country and insult us or our allies (think UN assembly).  We need a president who will immediately cut off funds to those who say they are offended by us and our way of life.  Obama is definitely not our hero in that aspect.  I’m not sure if Romney is either.  Only time will tell.

*Update*  Since this post was written, Obama has been re-elected as president.  We know how he stands on abortion.  With his signature health care overhaul, we can count on abortion being included with that.  As some signs of protesters read "Abortion is not healthcare!", the battle rages on.  The "it's a woman's body" arguement continues.  Yeah, sure it's a woman's body, but once a child is conceived inside of it, it's no longer about her.  It's about that baby.  We need to continue to pray for Obama.  Pray for the Lord to speak to his heart about these tiny ones.  Pray that God give him the heart and courage to stand up to the abortion industry and say ENOUGH!

**Update**  I am including some of the many written sources for the items mentioned above to satisfy skeptics.

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