Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Alive!!!

It's finally coming out in the news. The abortion doctor in Philadelphia is on trial for murder of seven infants who were born alive. It is considered murder because these babies survived the abortion attempts and were born alive. This sorry excuse for a doctor chose to exterminate these tiny little fighters in a brutal manner.  An immigrant woman seeking an abortion at his clinic also died from an overdose of medication given there.  Former staff members are testifying to the horrors that went on there.  None of these workers by the way had any medical training.  One assistant was a teenage girl.

What is disturbing has been the lack of media attention and lack of outrage from any of our politicians.  I would really like to see our president speak out against Gosnell and what he did, but it’s probably not going to happen.  Why, you ask?  I’ve written about this before; about Obama’s stance on abortion and partial-birth abortion.  We all know by now that Obama is pro-abortion and that he’d be totally okay if one of his daughters made a mistake and wanted an abortion.

Obama believes that if a “pre-viable fetus” is defined as a person, human or baby, then they would be protected under the US Constitution which would then outlaw abortion altogether. The equal protection clause outlaws the killing of a child.  As of 2001 the Supreme Court determined that an unviable fetus (one who could not survive outside of the womb) was eligible for abortion.

As a senator in Illinois, Obama voted against any legislation that would define a baby who survived an abortion as a “person” who was entitled to medical care.  He also stated that any further discussion on the matter would merit a “present” vote from him.  Apparently, in Illinois, a “present” vote is pretty much a “no” vote because only “yes” votes can pass the legislation.  He later voted against any “infant born-alive” legislation.  Obama also voted against any late-term abortion (second and third trimester) bans in 2003. 

He made his views on partial-birth abortion known when he voted “present” for a ban in 1997.  You can check out his voting records for yourself.  The point is that we have the leader of the free world silent on the horrible activities that went down in Philly.  One can only suppose his silence comes from his support for the abortion industry.  Obama told USA Today that while he’s familiar with the charges, he cannot comment on an active case.  That of course doesn’t stop him from commenting on other cases he cares about.

If I sound angry, I am.  If you look at pictures from the Gosnell trial, you see these perfectly formed little babies finished off in the most grotesque ways.  Baby boys with their spines snipped.  Little bitty feet crammed into jars.  Perhaps Gosnell wanted these as souvenirs of his kills, kind of like how some serial killers save something belonging to their victims.  Late-term abortion is illegal in Pennsylvania, but Gosnell performed them anyway.  Praise God that this clinic has been shut down for good.

Apparently, Gosnell’s horror clinic isn’t an isolated case.  Now news is coming out about a Planned Parenthood clinic in Delaware being shut down.  Abortion clinics in this state are not regulated.  It seems that several women after having visited this particular one needed to go to the emergency room.  The doctor did not wear gloves or sterilize instruments.  These women were at risk for hepatitis, aids and who knows what else.

Recently in Florida, there has been discussion on what to do with a baby who survives an abortion.  Planned Parenthood of course is testifying against this “Infants Born Alive” bill.  Things are going downhill fast.  If Florida does not pass this bill, will there be a continuation of what happened at Gosnell’s clinic in Florida abortion clinics?  Will these tiny survivors face the same fate of having their necks snapped, or left alone crying on a cold table or in a trash disposal?  How will things continue in our country after that?  If you take your newborn home and then decide you don’t want him, will you be allowed to eliminate him? 

Is a child’s life only important if he or she is wanted by the mother?  In some countries, you can abort a baby if it isn’t the gender you want.  Look at what has happened in China and India where baby boys are of more value than girls.  Is America “going there”?  Have we already gone there?  When you go to Planned Parenthood or any other abortion clinic, do they ask you why you are having the abortion?  Do we have any bans on gender-selection abortion? 
Here in California, thanks to some legislators, it may soon be possible to get an abortion from a para-professional (nurses, mid-wives or physicians assistants).  Who needs a medical doctor anyway.  A minor girl can obtain an abortion during the school day without parental permission or knowledge.  And there's nothing you can do about it as a parent.  Supposedly, by legalizing abortion, a woman or girl would be able to get top quality medical care.  Looks like things in this state are going backwards.

We as a nation mourn the loss of children who are kidnapped, raped and murdered, shot, die in terrorist attacks, etc.  It is very sad and tragic.  But why do we as a nation not mourn the loss of the unwanted, the unborn, and those little fighters who survive abortion only to be snuffed out some other way?  I don’t have the answer to that.