Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's All About the Chicken


I didn’t come here today to make a political statement.  I’ve waited for this day for sooooo very long.  I’ve been in the Bay area for 16 years now, with the closest CFA being an hour and a half away at the Solano Mall.  Now there’s one just across town.  16 miles to be exact.  It's at a new shopping center called @ First.  It's where Highway 237 meets First Street in north San Jose.

I expected it to be crowded, and it was very much so.  The picture I took was only a glimpse of the people there. The line snaked way off to the right of the photo.  Arriving at the shopping center, I gave up on the parking lot pretty quickly and parked across the street at the Target.  The drive-thru had a longer line than In-N-Out at lunchtime (and those are pretty long).  The line standing outside to get in was pretty long, but moved steadily.  We waited only about half an hour and then we could order.  The cow mascot wandered around outside.  The employees were friendly and things ran smoothly.

Biting into a CFA sandwich brings back all the memories of growing up in Charlotte, NC.  Memories of going to the mall and enjoying sandwiches and sweet tea while shopping there.  Chick-Fil-A was and still is an institution in Charlotte.

There were only a handful of protesters with signs along the street.  A guy with a megaphone was trying to tell folks not to eat there.  That’s his right.  Free speech and all.  From the lines at the drive-thru and the line at the front door, I don’t think many were paying attention.  I think this new free-standing Chick-Fil-A will do very well here.  People like the food.  People will go there simply because they like the food.  Some won't, but that's okay.   I will be going back again and again for that taste of back home.  Oh, and they're open for breakfast too.  The chicken biscuit is yummy.

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