Friday, May 3, 2013

At What Cost?

The age limit for the morning-after pill has just been lowered from seventeen to fifteen per order of a district judge in NY.  Your fifteen-year-old daughter can now run over to the drug store and buy herself one.  Without your consent, mind you.  It costs between $10 and $70 depending on where she goes to purchase one.  Teva’s Women’s Health is the manufacturer of this pill.   They reported earnings for the first quarter of this year at around $100 million dollars for their “women’s health” category.  Will sales increase over the next year because of its easier availability?  Plan B is supposed to be a back-up plan if your daughter has unprotected sex, forgot to take her birth control pill or the condom broke.  How often will your daughter use these pills, and what will be the effect on her body/reproductive system?  Obama said he's comfortable with it being available to fifteen-year-olds.
Then there’s Gardasil.  It’s supposed to protect your child from cervical cancer.  It might protect you from some sexually-transmitted viruses that could cause cervical cancer but not all.  Gardasil and another similar drug are being pushed on girls as young as nine. Some states are trying to mandate these shots.  Remember Rick Perry of Texas gave an executive order as governor to mandate it for all school-aged girls.  Thank God that order was overturned. Now it’s being recommended for boys, to protect them too.  Merck is the manufacturer.  Your child is supposed to have three of these shots (at $120 a pop) to be effective. There have been reports of very negative side-effects in some girls.  Check out the documentary called “One More Girl”.  In California, as I wrote about in an earlier post, your twelve-year-old child can get the Gardasil shot without your knowledge or permission.  The Merck website reports the sale of Gardasil at $390 million in the first quarter of 2013.
If your daughter does get pregnant, never fear, clinics like Planned Parenthood will take care of that.  She can either have a surgical abortion for between $300 and $900 or take an abortion pill which runs about $350 to $650.  And in California, your daughter can be taken from school without your knowledge or permission to get an abortion.  It is after all, her choice, her body, or at least that’s the lie they’re still told these days.  Our own President of the United States praised Planned Parenthood and blessed them, while ignoring the horrors of an abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  No, God does not bless Planned Parenthood now, or will He ever.  The Planned Parenthood Action Fund, by the way, donated quite a lot of money toward Obama’s re-election campaign.
If your child experiments with different partners and those of different genders (as seems to be encouraged at school, on television and in the movies these days) it’s quite possible he or she will contract HIV or other serious sexually-transmitted diseases.  There are medications available today that can help with easing symptoms and prolonging his or her life.  Those medications run from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars a month, every month, for the rest of their lives.  Some insurance companies will partially cover the costs.
Who really benefits from all these marvelous medications and procedures?  We are told that our children can benefit from these things.  Someone is making a whole bunch of money off of our children, with and without our consent.  Pharmaceutical companies make the medications, and the FDA approves them, sometimes very quickly.  They are marketed to the doctors and to the general public. Anyone who watches television sees the commercials pushing Gardasil and soon we will see commercials for the Plan B pill.   I hate wondering if politicians are pushing the “anything goes” sexuality on our young people, perhaps because of the money to be made.  If the new normal is having sex at any age and as much as you want to with all sorts of people, then there is a need for medications and procedures to deal with the consequences.  These big pharmaceutical companies making money off our kids donate big bucks to politicians to push these drugs onto young people and without the consent of their parents.  As parents we’re told that kids are going to experiment with sex anyway, so just let them do whatever they want with whomever they want.  They’ll be okay.  Our children are encouraged to make adult decisions regarding their health behind our backs.
In a recent news article, I read that some top universities are being praised for their student health care insurance policies. These groundbreaking policies will cover sex-change operations.  Your child's college may now pay up to $50,000 for students to change from a man to a woman or woman to man.  This covers hormone therapy, surgery, cosmetic enhancements, etc.  Duke University, according to the Washington Times is hiking up tuition fees to be able to pay for these surgeries.  Some major health providers are considering similar policies to cover sex changes.  Is there really a market for this kind of thing?  Apparently, yes. 
There seems to be a trend happening today where traditional gender roles and appearances are being challenged.  Kids are told they can choose their “identity”.  There are parents who embrace this and encourage it.  Schools may soon allow boys who identify as a girl to use the girls’ bathrooms.  There is a family in Canada who refuses to tell anyone the gender of their youngest child.  He or she will decide that.  There are children who for whatever reasons are confused about their sexuality.  If you are a parent of a confused child, don’t go looking for counseling in California.  It has banned gay confusion therapy.  The counselor is not allowed to suggest to your child that he or she really is straight. 
With all that is being pushed in the schools having to do with sex, of course our kids are going to get confused.  If your son or daughter believes they are the wrong gender, he or she can start on puberty-blocking drugs.  Boston Children’s Hospital will take your child through the entire process.  He or she will need to take hormone injections for the rest of their lives.  We’re talking about young children who have not reached puberty.  Later in the process the sexual mutilation can take place to completely transform them.
If you are a parent of school-aged children, you might consider this:  There are companies, and politicians benefitting financially from the choices your children make.  Are they encouraging our children to make choices that line their wallets instead of what’s best for the children? As Christian parents, we need to point our kids to the instructions given in the Bible.  Those instructions regarding sex may seem outdated, but are there for a reason; for the protection of their bodies and spirits.  We need to tell our kids lovingly what the consequences could be should they choose to ignore those instructions.  Imagine if our young people did not follow the ways of the world and chose abstinence until marriage (which is still possible).  The abortion industry and drug companies would lose billions of dollars each year!  Our children would benefit in so many ways.  Our girls won’t have to live with the guilt and trauma of having an abortion, or damage to their bodies from one.  They won’t need to get harmful “preventative” vaccines or dangerous drugs to treat sexually-transmitted diseases.  They won’t start mutilating their God-given bodies because the procedure is covered under insurance, or taking medications and hormones that put them at risk for serious cardiovascular problems and liver damage.  The cost of doing whatever one wants is quite high.  The souls of our children are priceless.

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