Monday, December 23, 2013

Ignorance is.........

I recently had a friend post on social media asking for scripture about a certain topic.  I should have realized that for her it was a joke and she did not expect anyone to respond to the challenge.  I saw it had a straightforward answer so I took the bait.  I’ve been in intensive Bible studies for the past 10 years.  I don’t know everything, but know how to find scripture on lots of topics.  I love discussing scripture with other believers.  That’s how you learn more.  I understand that all verses of the Bible matter and that we cannot pick and choose which verses we want to believe/obey and which ones we want to ignore if we are to follow Christ.  I took the time to look up some verses for her, explain them in context only to be met with the argument that a lot of the Bible is irrelevant and denial that the verses really meant what they said.  This person even told me that one of the books I quoted from did not exist in her Bible?  Huh?  At this point, the topic of our discussion didn’t matter, and really doesn’t matter now.  I won't mention her name out of respect for her.  She asked for verses and I gave them to her.  But she wasn’t looking for the truth.  She suggested that I examine this other verse, which dealt with judging others.  I said something like if quoting scripture is being judgmental, then so be it.  Again, some not-so-nice reply from her, and a couple of other people chimed in with their opinions.  I said something like, “you asked for scripture, I gave you scripture.  Don’t attack the messenger, meaning don’t get all mad at me for quoting the truth from the Bible.  I’m doing what you asked.  I didn’t write the Bible, God did.  Those are His words not mine.”  Of course that got me called “ignorant” by this person I thought was my sister-in-Christ.  So my “friend” for whatever reason shut down the whole thread after telling me I was judgmental and ignorant.  She has the right to delete whatever she wants from her page.  I was not finished with our discussion.  I’m sure the others were not finished commenting and expressing their opinions either.  I didn’t even get to read their opinions because she shut down the thread so fast and erased everything that was written. But when someone you are having a lively discussion with resorts to name-calling, you know they have nothing else.  They’ve played all of their cards.  And that’s a shame. The old saying comes to mind: Ignorance is bliss.  These days ignorance or calling someone ignorant is an insult used to quickly end a discussion. 

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